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Promote Yourself

Hope that I see a lot of you coming to promote your sites. This is a great way to bring in new traffic. It helps all of us in this community when we help each other out. I want to help each and everyone of you grow and prosper in your blogs or sites.

Please remember do not just leave a link. Who is want to just go to a link. Tell a little bit about yourself and your site, what is your niche, what do you blog about. Keep it clean please. We maybe mostly adults here, does not mean all of us are. I encourage any younger blogger to step up let us get to know you. This is for everyone.

I look forward to hearing a little bit about each and everyone of you. So here we go……

Want to know how I am doing?

If you think I should keep doing things the way I am, or is there more of something you want me to add. Am I missing some subject you want me to write about. If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave me a message below.

I really think that the promote yourself thing is a great idea and I think I will do that on New Years Eve leave it till end of New Years Day My time. If you like this idea please let me know in the comments. If you want to leave your link and promote your site, do not just leave a link. Say a little bit about yourself so others can get to know you a little bit. To help your growth come back look at comments, comment on others comments. Only way to help us grow together as a community if we come together as a community. I will have spam filter taken off so please keep it clean and adult, I will be reading the comments. Share with anyone who needs to promote their site also.

Promote your site/blog December 31st

Ends January 1st around Midnight central standard time

And last thing please make a donation if you can. Every little bit helps. Any little bit of money I have made has went for bills. I am just not making enough yet to be in the OK zone. Bills are getting paid just this bill is coming up next month and that one will be a little hard to manage. If it weren’t for that stimulus money I would not of been able to start this. So anything helps.

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Have a great day or night and please stay safe!