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NCPMOBILE App earn for shopping


Take a look at NCPMobile. It’s a free app that you use to turn your shopping trips into rewards. Use NCPMobile to answer questions about the items you purchase and you’ll get reward points that you can redeem for great gifts. You’ll also gain access to surveys and sweepstakes that will earn you even more points!

Use my referral code, 4AD27C, during signup and you’ll get 1000 points just for starting.

Download NCPMobile for free here: http://onelink.to/swpwgc

Best app ever. I have gotten over 100 bucks just for scanning my groceries, my gas, my food purchases. All of it just scan and get points to spend on so many things. Love the app it’s great.

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4 Sites Could Possibly Pay You Everyday.

Freelance work in this post plus a couple of sites that could bring a everyday pay.

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Hope everyone is doing well today. First thing I would like to let you all know about is that I have a email that I want to send extras to all my subscribers. Like ebooks on money making ideas and so much more if this is something you could be interested in here is where you sign up for that, the bottom is just to get notified of a new post this is with the extras.


1. Enrollapp is the first site I want to let you know about. It’s a site that you take tests on and no not your typical school tests. No math here. These are tests from companies that want you to test their sites, their apps or even want to know between two logos which looks better. They pay through paypal so you get paid 24 hours after you finish your test. I signed up and so far all I have been able to do is take poll questions I haven’t gotten any test yet but I only just signed up last night. So I’ll have to see what happens after a few days see if it brings any test for me.

The next one I thought I might had mentioned before but I looked back at a couple posts and didn’t see it there or just missed it but still gonna mention it and talk a little different about it if I had mentioned it before.

2. Fiverr, there is so much freelance work that can be done here on this. Almost anything you FEEL like doing, it can be done on here and if someone wants that job done for them well you can get paid. Currently there is a man on there that puts on a clown outfit and plays a silly song and signs happy birthday to people and he gets paid around 50 dollars per happy birthday. Just imagine if he does ten in a day that’s 500 dollars in one day. He sure making bank every month if it is done even a few times a week. One day of work is a pay week for some people now days.

Sticking to Fiverr there is a lot like I mentioned, if your good at any social media site why not get paid for that. I currently offer a job for that really but on fiverr you can also get paid to help a company with their social media and charge what you feel is right each month for how much work you do for them. But if you just want to do this in general and work for yourself and get paid, CLICK HERE to get paid to have a real job to post and comment on social media sites.

3. Motionden this is one that is not exactly free however how I just learned today it will be free if you do it this way that I explain to you. Motionden is a video editing site and if you look back at fiverr or gonna send you to a new site like fiverr that has less competition then fiverr so you will be more likely to get the job then you would on fiverr. After you sign up for motionden look at video animation then intro and outro easiest to make and when you click on it kind of is self explanatory if you know a little bit about computers. Hope you do or just play around with it til you get things figured out. But be careful because this site does cost like I mentioned think around 9 dollars per video. But you don’t need to pay the way we are doing it. You will get paid to make these videos for someone else. You will go onto quickengig which is essentially just like fiverr but has less competition, it’s a little newer site this is why it’s less. Take a look at the site if you look on the category side for intro and outro you click on that and see someone is getting paid 30 dollars per video they do just a outro or intro, and you can do the same. But to get the people to come to you look at fiverr for this and look at one of the people selling same thing and then look at one that has the most sales and best reviews then take the sales page and model the same sales page on to your quickengig page. It must be working for them to get all that business so why not use something that works right? Just think Mcdonalds and Burger King both sell burgers. They modeled from one another cause they knew it sells. Just of course put in your info and can add a few of your own little touches if you like too. But this is how you will not have to pay for motionden cause you will get paid first from the customer then use that money to pay for your video. That simple.

The last site I want to let you know about is irazoo and this is like your typical survey site you play games, watch videos and offers, download games. But this one the videos refresh everyday so its new content everyday. Get paid with gift card of paypal which most people want, that money right? The video where I first got introduced to this site the caption said watch youtube videos and get paid 120 for ten mins. Well he contradicted himself in my eyes, Because you need 3000 points just to get five dollars in paypal from what it looked like on his video. If it was that easy to make that much why was his account only showing 2000. If that were me I would want to prove my caption but I guess people going to click the video actually thinking they going to make that much in ten minutes I just hope that they can put two and two together like I did. But I actually just did sign up for a account and if my next post says the same thing then it is actually true lol But I doubt you will see that in my next post lol I don’t want to lie to you guys for any reason. I have not one reason to lie. I know it could bring more people to my blog but I rather bring people here with truth and honesty. I don’t lie offline why do I need to be like the rest and lie online. I can make money many different ways and lying will never be one way I make money. Think this post is long enough. Please feel free leave a comment. Do I make my posts to long, to short possibly? Let me know. Any other content you want me to talk about or discuss other money making ways? Let me know what you all want to hear from me. I will do my best to provide that for you.

Caldo de Res

Lastly I’m gonna leave you with a picture of what I made for my husband tonight. Caldo de res. Res is beef, beef soup with lots of veggies. If you would like more recipes I can put some more in just let me know. Have a wonderful day or night whenever your reading this. Stay Healthy.

Let’s Explore Other Online Hustles

So hope all is doing well on this beautiful day. I live in cold Wisconsin and it is finally starting to get a little warmer here now and its so nice. Sun was shining today and when that happens it usually puts a smile on a lot of peoples faces and many are in a much better mood seeing signs of spring emerge.

Been trying to get paid from a new survey site I have been looking into and I don’t know how often the surveys come but so far and from the reviews I read it seems like a ok site. If anyone would like to check it out its called Paid Viewpoint. Still see survey junkie and lifepoints panel better, but I’m giving it a chance see how I come out. I will keep you informed for those who don’t check it out for themselves. A few things I wanted to let you know I learned from the email course I have been receiving and things I also picked up from joining so many survey sites now.

NEVER EVER pay to join a survey site. The ones I have joined all have been without pay so far and been legit. So you do not need to pay to get paid from a survey site.

Best option is to use a different email then or main email so you do not get flooded with a bunch of offers or site emails that you signed up for and may not want to stick with after you checked it out.

Always google your survey site before you sign up. You will be able to quickly tell if it is legit or not just off the first few websites when you google the site and put reviews behind it or a very good site to check out is surveypolice.com they give excellent reviews and I got some information from that site but most I had knew already being that I signed up for so many sites or googled so many sites.

Take your time on the surveys when taking them if you go to fast you can get disqualified because they like to throw in a lot of trick questions just to make sure you are paying attention.

Last thing I would like to let you know is a new site I just got emailed about and if anyone likes to write, don’t have to be a professional either they have freelance writing gigs all over the internet but this new one, will give you a step by step guide on how to create content for clients will actually pay for. Will walk you through how to get your first client even when you don’t have a portfolio. A lot more this new site does but it is a limited space offer and I really think this for a newbie could become a very lucrative business and of course if not a newbie it would take even less time. Most sites offer I think monthly payment options, I’m sure yearly too. But this new site has just a one time payment for a lifetime access to their help that does not stop whenever needed. If this is something that interests you its from smartblogger.com and its called paid to write club. Just remember they only have limited space so they won’t be accepting new people after sometime. I was not told on how long the time frame is so if it is something you want I would hurry up and get over there so you don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

Well hope this helps out someone out there some good side hustles here but I still got my favorite two side hustles. But that could be changing once I get my affiliate marketing to starting earning income for me. So please don’t forget about that either, if anyone is interested in learning affiliated marketing and not sure where to begin, great if your a newbie or even a pro without anytime on their hands right now. Got a great program for you that does all the work for you take a look I think its very helpful got me started otherwise I would still be procrastinating on the situation because I had no idea where to begin and knowing I didn’t have much traffic going to my blog I felt so lost. But this finally got me off the ground and know it could help a lot of you out there too so take a look. Click Here For Free Training

Stay safe everyone thanks for stopping through.