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I challenge you to get tons of traffic with this method in ten days

Just like the SEO challenge here I did few months back. How many of you did that challenge? Did it work? Did you see results? I know I am getting google, Bing, duck, and yahoo, I have gotten them all. Does that mean my seo is working?

I am still learning seo myself and making that my goal this year to know it much better than I do now. I would like to know the ins and outs so I can help you learn everything you need to learn to get ahead with your seo also and hopefully we can get on the front page of google together.

6 traffic sources on a sign pointing left and right

So on with this challenge I have for you today. If you can do this for ten days, take about 15-20 minutes a day, would you do it if it means you could blow up your traffic on your site or blog. I got this from a YouTube video and he said he actually had his blog blow up that it shut the site down. He had to get the hosting site to help him get back up. I guess pay a little more because it was so much traffic. He did not explain what he had to pay for but, if you could triple or even more than that your traffic is it worth it? Will it be worth it for you to take this time out just for ten days and see what the outcome is?

  • Linkedin is the first site. What your gonna do with these sites with the ones you can… take and copy your whole blog post, article from your website. Paste it on Linkedin. If you do not have a post for that day, copy and paste a older post. I don’t think I need to do this one or I just might. I already have my posts going to my Linkedin.
  • Quora I spoke of this one already. You can check out that post clicking on quora above. This one has so many people on it daily and that is a lot of traffic you will be missing out on if you do not post here. This one you need to create a space and add your posts in there for people to read. After ten days people should be seeing your posts and if it is quality content, they will come to your blog or site.
  • Medium is the next site. This is a great site and you can get paid for anything you write on this site. I do not have the audience yet but each month I get a little bit of money in my stripe account. I just made a new store also if you want to go read it. I am going to post my blog posts for the next ten days here. I really want this traffic so I will give this a try everyday see where I am at in ten days. This one you can post more links inside your post to get people to read more than just the post your posting also.
  • Mix.com, now this one I never heard of I will be adding it to my list of places for traffic on my blog post helper. I will be putting that back out of interested in that, will be a free download. Mix gets 1.4 million people a month, so take advantage of that.
  • Pinterest is one well know about and this one is easy enough to post a link with a image to your blog. I have noticed the dive my Pinterest has done since I have not been on there. One app that had helped me tremendously is Tailwind. Click this and get a free month of tailwind. It posts to your Instagram and Facebook, and Pinterest. Has a calendar right there so you can schedule posts out for the whole month and then you don’t have to worry about posting to them for the rest of the month. I love it and just took a break only to see how it effected my traffic from Pinterest.
  • SlideShare is another one I just learned about, This one you just post a small version of your blog post and see the traffic roll in.
  • Fark is the last one I want to talk about. This one is also new to me. This is just the same as the others however, it is hard to get your post picked to be posted. They look for funny ones that stand out from the rest. But they have so much traffic that try hard to get in here so you can get that traffic. Got two screenshots to show you a little bit about the site.

You can see a little bit of their guidelines on what to post to have a good chance of getting your post picked to be posted.

Join me in this challenge and take time out everyday just for ten days and post to each one of these sites everyday. Post your whole blog post on the ones that you can. Try and add more links inside the post to get them to to check out other posts from your sites. Plus make sure you have great content, that will bring them in more then anything. If they like what they read they will want to read more.

Hope you join me and leave a post down below and let me know if your gonna give it a try. Look forward to see if you will join me and increase your traffic possibly ten fold. By the sounds of it from the Youtuber this could bring on massive traffic. I only hope the best for each and everyone of you and know traffic is something that each one of us could use a lot of to bring in the money along with the traffic from our ad revenue.

Good luck and remember please have a great day or night and most of all stay safe.